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Here's what our customers are saying...

I have been taking Pilates classes off and on for approximately 10 years. I have experienced many different levels of training, and have endured numerous instructors. However, I do not feel like I have ever really experienced Pilates the way it was meant to be experienced until I met Sharon. She is, hands down, the best instructor I have ever had. She took what I know about Pilates to a more challenging level, and the results were amazing. Every class with Sharon was different, which was great for me because I get bored very easily. Not only does Sharon push your limits, but she is also very friendly and encouraging at the same time. Never once did I feel uncomfortable in her facility or under her instruction. I highly recommend Sharon and Metamorphosis Pilates studio for all of your workout needs.   ~ Shannon
I have been training with Sharon at Metamorphosis pilates for a while now and she is an amazing instructor. I am a student that asks a lot of questions and Sharon always takes the time to answer and explain things about my body and the exercises. In addition, she takes the time to correct my technique and seems to care about her students individually even in a class, which is a very important aspect to me. I suffer from a knee injury from running and Sharon helps to modify the exercises for me without adding more pain to my knee. Pilates has become an important part of my life and I cannot imagine ever giving it up. Since starting pilates, I have noticed positive changes in my posture, muscle tone, core and overall health. I owe much of my success to Sharon. I have many stresses in my life but pilates gives me something to look forward to where I am able to clear my mind, focus on the exercises and breathe.  ~ Katie

"I experienced so much discomfort in my hips and lower back while I rode my horse that I seriously considered giving up riding. I found myself running out of options. I had already tried over a year of chiropractic therapy, going three times a week. I also went to yoga twice a week for two years. I even had ten sessions of Rolfing at one hundred dollars each. Nothing that I did, including acupuncture, was helping my pain. One day, I saw the ad in the Equiery for Metamorphosis Pilates Studio and decided I should give it a try. It's working! I am so excited about the changes that have happened in my body! I am able to ride for longer periods of time with little to no pain! Sharon is a wonderful instructor and I am very glad to have discovered her and Pilates!"   ~Susan Hughes
"I am a dressage rider who rides multiple horses each day and generally felt that I was strong and fit. The challenge came to me when I began riding a young, very large and very powerful horse that at times made me feel like an impassive passenger. My body ached every time I rode him. My dressage trainer encouraged me to try Pilates. To my delight and my growth, I found Metamorphosis Pilates and Sharon Tringali. Sharon instructs within the classical Josef Pilates program with both an encouraging yet demanding style. Within a very short time I felt improvement in my overall body tone, control, balance and flexibility. My riding improved significantly and my body was truly more centered and my spine structure more open. I look forward to going to each of my sessions at Metamorphosis knowing that the workouts are making such remarkably improvements in me provided in an environment of encouragement and great fun.   ~"Jeannette

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